Grande Ronde Retirement Recruitment

The staff at Grande Ronde Retirement are the focus of this recruitment commercial. Each subject describes their personal experiences, while allowing the overall picture of this work environment to blend together.

EOU Agriculture Entrepreneurship

This particular style of video demonstrates the hands-on work in which students are involved with, in real world farm management. To hear and see all aspects of “in the field” work, from an actual farm operator, was the focus in promoting this educational path at EOU.

Mountain Valley Therapy with Juliann Hanson

Juliann Hanson, Occupational Therapist at Mountain Valley Therapy, shares the path that led to her career in Occupational therapy. This interview-style ad, combined with footage of her working hands-on with a patient, allows the viewer to watch and listen to Juliann reveal the various aspects of her profession.

Brickyard Lanes

For the first edition of Community Spotlight, Bri stops in to Brickyard Lanes, the new bowling alley in downtown La Grande! Bri is joined by the Kiesecker family: Michelle, Darren, and Talan. They discuss the renovation work that went into restoring this historic building, all while implementing a new modern look for the bowling lanes.