Community Vision

Eastern Oregon Community Vision

How It Works

The Playlist

Think of Community Vision as a single playlist that has a beginning and end. The length of that playlist will vary throughout the year, but will remain a single playlist.

The Playlist delivers a constant flow of videos: personalized, beautifully engaging content specially developed for your business to target your customers.

We understand that your business emphasizes different products and services throughout the year. Community Vision is flexible with these seasonal changes and will help you highlight and promote these changing products and services.

Concept To Commercial

1. Decide what product or service to highlight.

2. Have your video commercial developed.

3. Your video(s) will be uploaded to the playlist throughout the network of screens for your customers to see!

The Network

Our network of screens are placed strategically in local retail spaces, waiting rooms, lobbies, dining areas, and employee break rooms.

Screens in locations like these help facilitate the promotion of your business and will support the local community!